Welding Test

Transcend institute is one of the best Welding Trade Testing Center in India located at Chennai. Transcend Institute is Welding Trade Testing Center approved by Indian Institute of Welding for 6G, ARC/SMAW, TIG/GTAW Welder Training, Testing & Certification. We undertake Trade Training Testing and certification programs in 6g pipe welding in various positions, Plate welding, welding metal joints techniques for experienced and uncertified welders working in the industry, who are looking for overseas placements, promotions, gulf jobs, etc

Welding Categories We Specialize
S.NoCategoryPositionMaterialTrade Test
1Pipe Welder – SMAW6G6” C. S. PipeAvailable
2Pipe Welder – SMAW6G4” C. S. PipeAvailable
3Pipe Welder – SMAW / GTAW / GTAW + SMAW6G2” C. S. PipeAvailable
4Pipe Welder – SMAW / GTAW / GTAW + SMAW6G2” S. S. PipeAvailable
5Pipe Welder – SMAW6GR / 5G6” PipeAvailable
6Pipe Welder – GTAW6G4” C. S. PipeAvailable
7Pipe Welder – GTAW + SMAW6G6” C. S. PipeAvailable
8Pipe Welder – GTAW + SMAW6G4” C. S. PipeAvailable
9Pipe Welder – FCAW / GMAW6G6” C. S.  PipeAvailable
10Multi Welder6G(C.S & S.S) Pipe & PlateAvailable
11Plate Welder – SMAW2G / 3G / 4GPlateAvailable
12Plate Welder – GTAW2G / 3G / 4GPlateAvailable
13Plate Welder – FCAW / GMAW2G / 3G / 4GPlateAvailable
14 Plate Welder – SMAW / GTAW / GMAW2G / 3G / 4GS.S PlateAvailable
15Tig WelderC.S. PlateAvailable
16Tig WelderS.S. PlateAvailable
17Welding / Pipe Fitter HelperPipeAvailable
18Structural FitterPlateAvailable
19Pipe FitterPipeAvailable
20Fabricator (Duct / Plate / Structural / Pipe / Sheet Metal)Pipe & PlateAvailable
21Mig Welder1G, 2G, 3G, 4GPlateAvailable
22Welding GrinderAvailable
23Gas Welder / Low Pressure PipeAvailable
24Gas CutterAvailable
  • To train Welders to equip themselves in all fields of welding by applying the measures techniques and fitment analogy by giving both theoretical and practical training by qualified/experienced instructors.
  • To develop confidence in their work
  • To ensure that welded items will meet specified requirements and be fit for their application.
  • Good workmanship is the standard that a competent worker should be able to achieve without difficulty when using the correct tools in a particular working environment with safety.
  • To train welders that each weld is marked with the welder’s identification and is identified in accordance with drawing/weld.
  • To give training as requested by companies/clients to well develop their skill by giving additional training as per their work requirements.
  • Working environment such as space, furniture, welding materials, lab, facilities, etc.
  • Experienced and qualified instructors.
  • Welding machines with good condition (where calibration is done regularly)
  • 20 booth welding test booth available for TIG and MIG welding
  • Easy access like transportation etc.
  • Admissible fee structure.
  • Administrative arrangements (selection and admission of candidates)
  • Flexible working schedules both for theory and practical test.
  • Our Institute has all safety regulations.
  • We ensure that welding equipment that is available is in suitable condition.
  • Fire distinguishers are available as per safety regulation.
  • Welding hand gloves, Apron and safety shoes are provided.
  • Sufficient water container is available.
  • Maintenance of Housekeeping is done regularly.
  • First aid arrangements are available.
  • Power source. Transformer/Rectifier (constant amperage type)
  • Inverter power source
  • Power control panel, Power cable hose & Power return cable
  • Gas flow meter, hose & regulator
  • Tungsten electrode Thoriated/Zircon & Split copper collett (for securing the tungsten electrode)
  • Torch assemblies
  • Welding visor with correct filter glass rating
  • A regulated inert gas supply is also required for this process
  • Ceramic cup size 4,5,6,7,8
  • On/off latching switch & Back cup short / long
  • AG4 grinding machine
  • Gas cutting torch with nozzle Oxygen gas.acytylene/LPG (gas) Lighter
  • Power source Transformer /Rectifier Constant current type
  • Baking oven Tem >500c Amps To bake the electrode
  • Holding oven Tem 150c amps
  • Inverter power source, power return cable Chisel chipping hammer wire brush hammer
  • Electrode holder Welding visor with correct filter glass rating
  • Power cable / Control panel on/off amperage /polarity/ OCV
  • Power source Transformer /Rectifier Constant current type
  • Inverter power source
  • Power hose assembly (Liner ,power cable water hose , gas hose)
  • Gas regulator & heater
  • Rollers (Different Sizes)
  • Contact tips
  • External wire feed unit
  • Torch head assembly
  • Power return cable/clamp
  • Power control panel a regulated inert or active gas supply is also required for this process
  • Generally for carbon steel Low hydrogen electrode can be used E7018 According to the specification of clients electrodes consume
  • TIG (99.99% Argon ,Helium)
  • MIG Argon or Helium
  • MAG CO2 Argon or Argon / O2 mixtures