Welding Lab

Welding Trade Training Testing | Transcend Institute

Transcend Institute’s Welding Trade Training Testing lab is with built-up area 2500 Sq.ft. is designed and developed to International Standard for Training, Testing & Certification purpose. Transcend Institute is welding Trade Test center approved by Indian Institute of Welding for 6G, ARC/SMAW, TIG/GTAW Welder Training, Testing & Certification. We undertake Trade Training Testing and certification programs in 6g pipe welding in various positions, Plate welding, welding metal joints techniques for experienced and uncertified welders working in the industry, who are looking for overseas placements, promotions, Gulf jobs, etc. Transcend Institute is full-fletched Welding Trade Training Testing institute in Chennai city for welding education, and certification programs for candidates who want to professionalize their skills in various fields of 6g, Tig Welding, Mig Welding, Arc, and Argon gas welding.

“It is the first of its kind in India”

Transcend Institute’s Welding Trade Training provides a piece of in-depth knowledge in various welding methods and help the candidate acquire a good job in the welding field. These are specialized programs that can be done by any individual as a part of skill development which enables them to get an assured job in different sectors like shipyards, Refineries, Petrochemical industry, etc.

Welding Lab

  • Dedicated Lab area for welding 2500 sq.ft. Moving space for testing, trainee and shifting of machines equipment etc.
  • 18 Welding Booths for GTAW and SMAW, along with Holding Ovens and Grinding machine,
  • 60 welders can be tested per day.
  • Master baking oven with temperature control
  • An adequate number of imported & regularly calibrated welding machines /equipment are available for training & testing purpose.
  • Good material Handling system – We have enough space for the provision of installation of machines & materials.
  • Distance between the booth is maintained to protect welders working nearby for safety to avoid IR and UV rays to protect their eyes.
  • Training, assessment, and certification of welding professionals as per various standards for SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, Brazing & Gas welding, with training on all common metals.
  • Introduction to Welding safety/equipment.
  • Member of American Welding Society.
  • Job Assistance after training.
  • Expertise in Pipe welding training.
  • Many successful Welders working in GCC and Middle-East countries are from Transcend Institute.