Trade Testing Process

Transcend Institute is a unique technical skill trade testing center with a blend of industry-experienced faculty, success-focused malleable candidates and supportive industrial partners, providing both technical facilities and employment opportunities. Transcend Institute is India’s leading technical skill trade testing center for testing competency levels of the candidates for the required trade.

  • Trade tests for skilled workers like Pipefitters, Electricians, Welders, Fabricators, Mason, and Carpenters
  • Best trade testing facilities for conducting interview and trade test.
  • Supporting of professionals for undertaking these tests in the relevant field of operation.
  • Candidates also tested and checked for language skills before placements.
  • Providing best training support in all technical as well as non-technical categories to ensure workers meet with immediate requirements of clients.

We have a standardized testing process which begins with the client’s request:

  • Trade test categories and list of candidates to be tested in each category.
  • Test details – theoretical & practical based on the client’s requirement.
  • Interview Arrangement required such as Equipment, Interview rooms, Consumable resources & Safety gear etc..

Planning is mapping out the client’s requirement and generating resources to meet their needs: 

  • To prepare the quotation for the list of consumable materials to be used during the test (materials required for testing such as welding electrodes, grinding wheels, etc.).
  • Prepare conference and interview room for the interview.
  • Housekeeping is done and the required equipment maintenance services are reviewed for the working condition.
  • Safety gears for the trades test are prepared.
  • Tools such as pipes, plates, etc are procured in excess in case of welding test.
  • Powerpack Generator is installed to ensure uninterrupted Power supply.
  • Availability of in – house engineers, supervisors, and administration staff to manage the testing & recruitment process.

On the day of Testing, the client is given an opportunity to review the arrangements made before the test is conducted. An Assessment sheet is provided to the client for oral and practical testing. We constitute a team of personnel comprising of:

  • In – house engineers, supervisors support staff to manage the testing processes at the center.
  • Administrative staff to manage registration and other related works.
  • Quality Assessment crew such as NDT staff to lever the quality testing process for all Radiography, film processing, and interpretation tasks.