Trade Testing Images

Trade Testing Specification for few of the Trade Categories:

Transcend Institute is Trade Testing Center Chennai offers Trade Testing services with certification for a variety of skills in civil mechanical electrical and instrumentation. Transcend Institute is the only Trade Testing Center Chennai that conducts various trade tests and organizes trade skills assessments for recruitment agencies to the assessments of categories such as Welder, Rigger, Scaffolder, Pipefitter / Fabricator, Mason Etc


  • 6G – 2″sch 80 CS full TIG, Filler Wire ER70S2
  • 6G – 6″ TIG/ARC Welding Filler Wire ER70S2, Electrode E7018
  • 6G – 6″sch 40 Pipe SS 304, TIG/ARC Welding, Filler Wire ER308, Electrode E308 with Purging gas

Pipe Fabricator / Fitter

  • Gas cut 14mm CS. Plate to size 250 x 100 mm Bevel 250 mm side with the Gas cut. (Bevel Angle = 35°) Level the rough surface with Angle Grinder
  • Gas cut 6” Ǿ SCH 40 pipe Bevel pipe end with Gas cut (Bevel Angle = 35°) Level the rough surface with Angle Grinder.


  • Cut 6” Ǿ SCH 40 pipe, using Angle Grinder AG 7.
  • Bevel pipe end using Angle Grinder AG 7 (Bevel angle 35 °).

Structural Fabricators

  • Gas cutting & Tack Welding Angle frame as per Sketch.
  • Coupon Size – Angle 45 x 45 x 3 mm

Sheet Metal Fabricator

  • Fabricate Box as per sketch. Marking, Cutting & Bending.
  • Coupon Size – GI sheet.


  • Lifting plate / Pipes using lifting tools & tackles
  • Crane signals for various motions, Safe Working Load & other safety norms.
  • Use of chain blocks, slings (wire/nylon), shackles, clamp, etc.

Mill Wright

  • The setting of Dial Guage for Alignment.
  • Practical precision measurement by micrometer, vernier depth gage, etc.

Rotating Equipment Technician

  • Dismantling of Centrifugal pump. Checking clearances in wear & mouth rings.
  • Removal and refitting bearings, coupling and mech.Seal.
  • Checking the alignments.

Domestic Electrician

  • Safety, Layout of General Electrical Installations & Cables.
  • Use Electrical test equipment such as Clamp Meter, Megger, Multimeter.
  • Light Fittings & household equipment installation.
  • Fuses, ELCBs, MCBs.
  • Small Fabrication Work.
  • Connections / Removal with Testing & Commissioning.
  • Motor & Starter with controlling switch (Pumps and similar).

Industrial Electrician

  • Safety, Layout of General Electrical Installations, Switchboard Panels & Cables.
  • Use Electrical test equipment such as Sequence Meter, Clamp Meter, Megger, Multimeter.
  • Small & Large Light Fittings installation.
  • Fuses, ELCBs, MCBs, Relays
  • Connections / Removal / Terminations with Sealing, Testing & Commissioning.
  • Motor & Starter (various alternatives).

Instrument Fitter

  • Tubing, cutting, bending and fixing ferrule.
  • Light Fabrication job.

Instrument Technician

  • Calibration of Instrument for Pressure & Temperature.
  • Calibration of Pressure Gauge, using Dead Weight Tester.

Shuttering Carpenter

  • Prepare shuttering box for a column.
  • Use of proper shuttering material and tools.


  • Laying one layer of bricks for double size wall.
  • Preparing a proper mix and Plaster vertical wall.

Steel Fixer

  • Bending of RCC bar to fabricate one loop.
  • Reading bar schedule and prepare bill of material.