Civil Trade Construction Training

Transform Your Future with Civil Trade Construction Training at Transcend Institute


Unlock your potential in the booming civil trade construction industry with specialized training from Transcend Institute. Our courses in various trades are designed according to the high standards of Gulf countries’ facilities management companies, construction sectors, and residential and commercial building maintenance industries.

Our Training Programs Include:

  1. Masonry (Brick Laying & Plastering)
    • Master the foundational skills of bricklaying and plastering. Our course covers everything from material selection to the latest building techniques, ensuring compliance with international construction standards.
  2. Masonry (Tiles & Marble Laying)
    • Specialize in the art of tile and marble laying. Learn precise cutting, fitting, and laying techniques that are in high demand in luxury and commercial construction projects across the Gulf.
  3. All Round Mason
    • Become a versatile mason capable of handling multiple tasks in the construction field. This program emphasizes broad-based skills in all areas of masonry, preparing you for diverse opportunities.
  4. Shuttering Carpenter
    • Focus on the specialized field of shuttering carpentry, crucial for moulding and setting concrete in construction projects. Learn to construct and dismantle formwork for slabs, beams, and pillars.
  5. Plumber
    • Equip yourself with the latest plumbing techniques from basic installations to complex pipeline systems. Our plumbing courses are aligned with international standards, essential for residential and commercial buildings.
  6. R.C.C. Fitter / Steel Fixer
    • Gain expertise in reinforcing concrete with our R.C.C. fitter or steel fixer training. Learn to read blueprints and apply reinforcing techniques to ensure durability and safety in high-rise construction.
  7. Construction Helper / Labour
    • Start your career in the construction industry with fundamental skills in handling tools, preparing construction sites, and assisting skilled tradespeople, an ideal entry point into the construction world.

Why Choose Transcend Institute?

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Our courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of the Gulf’s construction sectors, ensuring you gain the skills employers are looking for.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals with years of on-the-ground experience in civil trade construction.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Train in an environment equipped with modern tools and technologies, mirroring real-world job sites.
  • Certification and Job Assistance: Earn recognized certificates that bolster your resume and benefit from our strong ties with major construction firms for job placement assistance.

Enroll Now

Start building your future in civil trade construction today with Transcend Institute. Whether you’re looking to become a skilled mason, plumber, or shuttering carpenter, our training programs are your gateway to a successful career in the construction industry. Contact us to enroll and take the first step towards becoming a construction professional.

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